1. A

    Is it possible to build a macro to import similar, but different xml/text files?

    Hello. I am trying to build a macro to import data from an external file that is generated with another program. I have two options for my source file; an .xml file and a .txt file. Both contain essentially the same data that I want to manipulate into my end product. My plan is to be able to...
  2. A

    How to add small separator between buttons in custom ribbon(Ribbon X:XML) ?

    Hello everyone, I wanted a small separator to appear between buttons in custom ribbon tab. But the "<separator id="MySeparatorE1" />" always draws large vertical separator. How can we get small separator as circled in picture to appear between the buttons ? </group> <group...
  3. J

    Use VBA to get step polylines from Google Directions API xml file

    Hi all, I currently use VBA to extract the 'overview polyline' returned from the Google Directions API, and paste it into a spreadsheet. However, I need more accurate polylines. I can get better accuracy if I can stitch together the child node polylines within each step. How do I convert my...
  4. M

    VBA to copy row, then export as .xml, then move to another row

    Hey! I have excel .xlsx workbook with loaded xml source. I take one row from sheet "Clients" and copy it to row "Data", then export is as XML with name changed according the data from the copied row and then use it in other ways. I have found one VBA in this forum that helped me solve the...
  5. C

    Custom Ribbon fails on Invalidate

    Hello, I am learning how to create and work with a custom ribbon in Excel 2019, but clearly have much to learn. I am running Windows 10. I created the XML and callback functions from examples I've seen on various Excel websites. I am not trying to create an add-in. When I open the Excel...
  6. T

    Vertical XML import into Excel

    Is there anyway to have data be imported into an XML map vertically, rather than horizontally. Currently, the data is imported into rows, however, I need it to be imported into columns. The data can be anywhere from a couple rows/columns to over a thousand rows/columns. Is there anything...
  7. S

    Automatically update path for linked xml

    Hi, I am new to using macros. I use xml mapped excel to extract flight planning information. However, when I send the excel and xml files through email to other users, the mapping link does not work obviously. Is there any way so that when these files are loaded on a new machine, the updated...
  8. D

    Creating XML file using VBA Code

    Hello, I am new to VBA and wanted to see if it is possible given a excel file with a sheet of data in it, and using VBA create an xml file? Is there ways or places to look at to get an idea/starting point? New to VBA and creating XML files. Is there a format used with the code, any tips would i...
  9. J

    I can import but I cannot save or export XML data

    I literally am using a tutorial found on w3schools.com on XML, I imported an XSX found on: XML Schema Example The schema is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <xs:schema xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <xs:simpleType name="stringtype"> <xs:restriction...
  10. A

    how to use smart art dynamically

    Hi guys, I want use an organization chart (smart art) dynamically. I want use cells as data for chart but my data may change by level and count. so convert to shape is not fit for my situation. is there any way to do it? such as make change in xml file and so on regards
  11. D

    XML Maps and Empty Tags

    This is part of my xml I can map everything just fine except <Lost_agreement /> After i export mapped XML, <Lost_agreement /> is missing. it becomes But <Lost_agreement /> part is crucial and must be. How can i achieve it? Quote Reply Report
  12. D

    Need help with XML empty column

    This is part of my xml I can map everything just fine except <Lost_agreement /> After i export mapped XML, <Lost_agreement /> is missing. it becomes But <Lost_agreement /> part is crucial and must be. How can i achieve it?
  13. M

    Extract images using product code from an XML link

    Hi guys. hope someone can assist me with this. my supplier provide me with an XML file containing all the available products which is updated weekly. the xml file contains a column titled Vendor code. now this is where it gets tricky, in order for me to get the images for a particular product i...
  14. J

    Parsing a text file

    I have an xml file that is about 80MB. I constantly have to import it in excel and do filtering in it. Sadly, it takes too long to open and sometimes crash. So I have decided to manually break it down into pieces. My steps are usually: 1-Use a software that split the files into multiple...
  15. M

    Export XML Map with VBA

    I have an XML Map that is mapped to a Sheet in Excel. I always exported it through Developer - Export, wrote the filename, clicked through the folders and exported it. I'm trying to make my life a bit easier and wanted to create a button on the Sheet, that would trigger the Export dialog...
  16. nardagus

    How to extract XML attachment from PDF

    Hello All, Recently I have received some PDF files with XML attached. Of course when I double click on it it will open in a text editor. Cool. However. What I need to do is: 1) Open PDF 2) Extract XML attachment 3) Import it to a worksheet 4) Close PDF 5) Open another PDF 6) Extract XML...
  17. J

    Split large xml files into multiple

    I am working with a large xml files that is about 80000KB and it's full of data. It's bigger that the maximum allowed in excel. So When I try to import it as a table in excel I get an error. I am looking for alternatives on how to import the data in excel. I am thinking it may be best to split...
  18. E

    Lock button in Powerpoint Custom Ribbon

    Problem: I have a lock button (toggle button) on my custom ribbon. Basically "lock and unlock" the "Aspect ratio" of the text box. Also i wanted few points to cover while preparing it - - I wanted to run the event on powerpoint, whenever I select the single or multiple text...
  19. R

    Import XML via VBA

    I am trying to modify a filedialog I currently use to import xml files. I would like to change from the folder selection to individual file selection, but I cannot seem to get it to work for me. If possible could somebody please help me? Or point me in the right direction. Thank you. Sub...
  20. J

    Xml to Excel with VBA

    Hello, I've got a little problem with my project. I have to create a workbook with a table with a button to import a folder full of xml files(columns are all the same). My problem is that every xml file got a single table, so i cant work with them in a pivot chart or something else. This is the...

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