yahoo finance

  1. S

    Power Query to download historical stock data from Yahoo Finance

    I am using Power Query to automatically download historical stock price data from Yahoo! Finance into Excel. The URL is Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 (QQQ) Stock Historical Prices & Data - Yahoo Finance It populates a worksheet with a year's worth of stock prices with the following columns...
  2. D

    Multiple Stock Tickers from Yahoo Finance

    I saw the following request: How do I set up a web query in excel and make it dynamic for yahoo finance? I’d like to have a reference cell for the ticker symbol of which the web query references this cell. Therefore when the query is refeshed it reflects the stock ticker in the reference cell...
  3. A

    Link Excel to Yahoo Finance

    Hello everybody, I'm trying to download financial data from yahoo finance: specifically I have all the tickers of the shares of the Italian market (circa 450 stocks) in an Excel file and I would like to extract some tables from the "key-statistics" section. I'm not very skilled with VBA and...
  4. C

    stock price period high formula

    Hi all, first time poster here, I am trying to build a spreadsheet where I can have a list of stocks I am tracking and notify me when a stock makes a new 20 day and 55 day high. I want to link yahoo finance data or google finance data. I found a formula that others said this will work with...
  5. L

    VBA Function: Yahoo Finance UDF

    Hi guys, For those familiar with Yahoo Finance and it's query language this is one for you. I have a function which is supposed to pull the historical stock price of a certain ticker symbol at a certain date, however when attempting to use the UDF it's coming up with the #VALUE error. I can't...
  6. M

    "On Error GoTo" always has error with or without Yahoo Stock History Download

    The code works great, but it does lack one MAJOR item... ERROR Checking for Stock Symbols that are mistyped like "MTE" instead of "MET". Clearing the cells and then no data from Yahoo Stock History causes issues with the formulas in columns H"AF. I am trying to stop the process of clearing...
  7. G

    Stock Historic prices on button click

    I need help with the VBA code to download Stock Historic price Date in excel sheet on button click (baily on button click it downloads the data from the current date to the number of days I wish to access the data). given below is the format of it. B1 (Cell Number) it will have Stock Symbol...
  8. D

    Need a Macro to Delete Cell and Shift Cells up

    So here's the situation... I've set up web queries for historical data from Yahoo Finance (so that way I can run automate updates on the data set). There's two web queries to upload two sets of data - 1 for the historical prices of an index, and the other for the historical prices of the ETF...
  9. A

    Sticky question, how to download csv charts with ticker that contain hyphens or dots from Morningstar and Yahoo finance

    Hi! I've come up with a VBA that works well to download CSV chart from Morningstar and Yahoo Finance for Canadian stock. However, it always gives me a "1004 run time error" (which points on .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False) for stocks that contain hyphens or dots i.e. like ATD-B.TO (ATD.B) or...
  10. A

    Import Historical Currency Excahange Rates from Yahoo

    Can anyone please help here? Is it possible to import yahoo currency exchange rates from Currency Converter - Yahoo! Finance or any other reliable source for a specific date for specific currency pair (i.e. USD/EUR) ? Thank you!!
  11. U

    VBA - Yahoo Finance Historical Price Pull

    I'm pretty new at VBA and I've looked through a few threads online but haven't quite found anything that works the way I want. The idea is that the user will paste data onto sheet 1, such as ticker symbol, date, account number, and price paid etc. I would like to create a macro assigned to a...
  12. A

    Updating Company's events from web

    Hi! I am refreshing every week several companies' events from yahoo finance. So I wanted to get it automatically. I recorded a macro, where i was looking for companies and bringing a part of it. But i had some problems. This is webpage BSBR Company Events | Banco Santander Brasil SA Ameri Stock...
  13. K

    automate yahoo finance query refresh from html

    Hello I am using the following code to import historical indices data for 5 different indexes in yahoo finance. Public Sub Import_Yahoo_Finance_Historical() Dim URL As String Dim dateParams As String 'Date ranges from default earliest Yahoo start date (m/d/y) to current...
  14. P

    Dynamic import of Key Statistics from Yahoo Finance

    I know this isn't a new question. But I can't find the answer anywhere online. I have a spread sheet of 1500+ companies. (I can email you the .xls file if it would help.) I want to import specific information from Yahoo Finance, for example the first company on the list is AAIR, AAIR Key...

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