1. B

    Run-Time error '1004' Method 'SaveAs' of object'_Wokkbook' failed

    Hello, I'm trying to save a newly created file in csv format. I am copying results from one open file, and pasting in a new workbook, and then trying to save the new workbook as a csv file. My code is below. See the "Save File as CSV" section below. Thanks! Sub Monthly_Device_Volume_Map()...
  2. A

    VBA print to PDF issue on windows 10

    Hi, I'm quite new with VBA coding and need to solicit help from you. I have an existing coding regarding the print to pdf using adobe acrobat. My laptop was upgraded to windows 10 and the adobe acrobat was removed and changed to microsoft print to pdf. Now my coding didn't work eventhough...
  3. D

    VBA Code simplification - Creating folder with month/year

    Hi all I have some long code here that I want to try and simplify/shorten, if possible. It's attached to a button on one of my forms. The code works great as it is though. Any suggestion? It checks if a directory exists before moving a spreadsheet and adding the date at the end of it before...
  4. M

    Additonal PDFs to email via VBA

    Need help with sending multiple pdfs via outlook with VBA. I am using a workbook with multiple sheets. when I click on my macro in either sheet it will convert the excel file to a PDF. it will then prompt if I would like to send in email. if I click no it simply saves the pdf in the appropriate...
  5. Jambi46n2

    VBA Saving Filename with YYYY + 1

    The Code Below Saves the File as "2019 Rate Volume - 2018-08-21.xlsx" I would like to have it saved like this "2019 Rate Volume - 2019-08-21.xlsx" How is the best way for me to go about this? Thank you in advance. 'Date Save Update Definitions MonthPath = Format(Month(Date), "00") & "...

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