1. S

    annual leave entitlement

    I am trying to calculate annual leave entitlement for staff as of 1st day 1st month of each year. Cell B4 with todays date will give him 10 years service but as of 1/1/2017 he would get 9 years service entitlement. B4 displays fine C4 shows correct 9 years entitlement but D4 is showing 10 years...
  2. JenniferMurphy

    Asymmetrical Normal distributions

    Does Excel have functions that will enable me to calculate Z scores for Normal distributions that are not symmetrical? Suppose I have all of the data for all of the major league baseball teams going back over 100 years. Suppose I want to calculate the mean and std dev for win streaks of various...
  3. P

    Case Statement and DateADD

    Hello, I have 3 Columns and multiple rows. Columns E, F and G. When I enter the numeric value "2" in column E, I would like it to add 10 years to the date that is already written in column F and have it display in column G When I enter the numeric value "3" in column E, I would like it to add...
  4. C

    Categorys per job title and Years of service

    I need a formula to help me with the category's to be placed into a coloum per person: Increases was done in June, employees were split into job descriptions & period of service Category A 0 – 2 years Category B 2 - 5 years Category C greater than 5 years
  5. P

    Number of Months Converted to Years, Months, Days Format

    Hello Everyone, I would like a formula to convert 'number of months' to 'years, months, days' format. For example: 17.5 months = 1 year, 5 months, 15 days. (Assuming a generalised 365 days a year and 30 days per month). I have looked around for an answer but have only found 'number of...
  6. Y

    EXCEL RAND/PMT FUNCTION!! T___T Hello~ Can somone help me to solve this questions? KINDLY HELP

  7. A

    VBA Errors in Excel 2016

    I was recently upgraded from Excel 2013 (32 Bit) to Excel 2016 (64 Bit) on windows 7 enterprise OS. Macros I have been using for years have all the sudden stopped working and erroring out on the oddest code. Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm not sure what I am missing. Thanks! This existing...
  8. S

    Duration in Years - Month - Days - Hours - Minutes

    Hey mate....please help me i have to calculate duration for 2 date and time. Please help me with the formula on C. For example <tbody> A B C 1 Start End Duration 2 1 Jan 16 13:30 3 Apr 17 23:45 1 Year 3 Month 2 Days 10 Hours 15 Minutes 3 1 Apr 15 12:40 1 May 17 13:45 2...
  9. Z

    conditional formatting

    <tbody> Name purchase 1 purchase 2 purchase 3 Amount customer since years membership <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Abricht </tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 1 </tbody> 4 0 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> $291 </tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody>...
  10. J

    Format Formula to not change in Table

    Hello I am having a problem with what appears to be a type of Absolute vs. Relative references - but I am not too sure. Using Excel 2016 I have created two tables. Table 2 is a Summary of Table 1. Table 1: <tbody> A B C D 1 Fiscal Period 2006 2007 2008 2 Book Value 1.668 2.380 3.596...
  11. M

    Index Using User input data from a text cell

    Hi All, Newbie to this and in fact any forum, so bear with! I have searched and searched for an answer to a problem I have with my son in laws car sales accounts workbook. I have produced the workbook with lots of help from MrExcel Videos and the forum (whilst not being a member) and we are...
  12. S

    Yearly Average Balances

    I have a set of balances with dates in them. The dates don't follow a full 365, rather the dates listed generally have the same balance or when the balance changes a new date is listed. For example: <tbody> A B 1 1/3/14 $156,358.21 2 1/27/14 $156,358.21 3 2/13/14 $156,358.21 4...
  13. S

    Find Closest Upper value with multiple criterias

    Hello everyone, I have a challenge for you :) In the table below, I would like to have a formula (going from D5 to D19) which is giving me the closest upper "Total Hours" value when the C column is in state "TRUE". Some formulas were tried, but it was always giving me B17 results instead of...
  14. S

    Help me improve the efficiency of my code

    Good morning, This is a complex problem and part of a much larger model but I have highlighted the section of code that is slowing down my full macro and created a test workbook that has a data sample and the code I am currently using which is linked here: MEGA To explain what I am doing...
  15. xeven_

    years showing as 45 degree line

    I have the years in column A and the price data in column B. When I go to chart a simple line graph it gives the accurate price data/curves but the years are separated as (series one point ... and a 45 degree one going from bottom left to top right of the chart. What gives and how do I correct...
  16. P

    Clear a range of all data after a certain date obtained from another worksheet

    I have a spreadsheet that has about 15 columns of stock data sorted from most recent going back years. Some stocks have no history before a certain date. Since I am comparing each stock to each other one I need to eliminate all data that falls befpre the stock with the least amount of data...

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