1. leopardhawk

    Need expert advice with difficult formula

    Trying to piece together a formula that will combine a bit of text with COUNT results from a worksheet called 'payroll'. Perhaps I should start with what I want the finished result to look like. The formula, which is on a worksheet called 'income_analysis', would return the following...
  2. E

    Bar Chart question

    Hey guys, I have a bar chart with two values for a given year and this done over a 5 year period. For example blocks highlighted blue will be ascending over time with amounts increasing each year and orange will be decreasing each year Can the difference between the total summed values for...
  3. M

    Retirement Corpus Calculation

    I'm trying to find the required corpus for the following: Present Value = 200,000 20 years to retirement 30 years total retirement Projected inflation = 2% Projected growth = 6% Annual withdrawal will be $115,000 To meet the $115,000 with 2% inflation and 6% growth requires a corpus of...
  4. S

    Mean Reversion Calculation

    Hello, First off, appreciate any help as I a have been banging my head on this for some time. I want to see if there is any guidance on how to do a mean reversion forecast in excel. The data points are very simple and are linked below for your reference...
  5. A

    Add Numerical Tab Names in Combo box

    My workbook sheet tabs would be named by Year (i.e. 2018, 2019, etc). Currently I have one sheet (i.e. 2019). I would like to display in a combo box the previous 2yrs (i.e. 2018 & 2017) and also the following year (i.e. 2020). Maximum years displayed should be limited to 4. (i.e. 2017 -...
  6. R

    Rounding dates to the next specific date

    I am working on a spreadsheet for monitoring personnel records, especially in relation to the disposal of the records. I current have the spreadsheet which calculates 6 years after an employee left, and which will compare this to today's date to flag they have been gone for 6 years. Our policy...
  7. G

    Adding Multiple Columns and Multiple Rows - Using specific criteria

    Hi Guys Just curious if someone knew had to do a complicated "sumif" calculation where you take the criteria in a list from the columns and the rows. What I am trying to do is add up all the quarters in a specific year (say in this case 2018) and add only 2018's quarters along with the...
  8. mikecox39

    Macro for getting data from another workbook

    I'm treasurer of my HOA and every year I save my current Budget workbook, and create a new one using Save As and incrementing the integer by 1. For example, MB18 gets Saved As MB19. I then clear the data using a macro to start the new year. One of the problems with that is I don't get last...
  9. H

    (Large Data Set) Filtering out Top 10 Highest/Lowest data points by each day?

    - I have historical data for every NASDAQ stock for two years (~50k rows worth). - I have calculated an 'After-Hours' percentage gain for each of these NASDAQ stocks for the past two years (Column E). - I need to filter out, by each date, only the top 10 performing After-Hours Gainers. Data...
  10. H

    Mortality Expectation Calculation

    I have a mortality table for 100 people, and I'm trying to calculate the expected deaths each year for 20 years. This requires me to calculate the probability of one death and multiply by 1, then calculate the probability of two deaths and multiply by 2, and so on up to 100. The setup of the...
  11. leopardhawk

    Formula mod needed for age, year, DOB

    Okay, my brain is cramping but I'm pretty sure this problem I'm having can be solved by someone a lot brighter than I am. The two columns in question, columns B & C, need to work together for my worksheet to be accurate. They need to be able to account for users who are younger than 70...
  12. leopardhawk

    Complicated formula

    Hello forum friends! Okay, this one is complicated (at least for me). However, I am hopeful that someone will be able to help me. There are three sheets involved and the formula in question resides on the ‘income analysis’ sheet in cell D97. The formula works fine for all intents and...
  13. P

    Converting decimals to years/months with negatives

    Hi, I have some data that is represented in decimals. I want this data, in a different cell to be represented as months. For positive values it works fine, however for negatives it does not. My initial formula was as follows: =IF(AJ5="","",(IF(INT(AJ5),INT(AJ5)&" Years...
  14. B

    Is there a "Mr MS Flow" out there?

    Hello World, My work is upgrading Office 365 and I've seen a demonstration of MS Flow which looks like the personal automation revolution that Excel VBA was 20+ years ago. I've learnt so much from this forum but now I am wondering if there is a forum for Flow. I wait with baited breath, Thanks,
  15. A

    Google Form to Google Sheets - how do I get Age responses with text into numbers?

    Hello, I have a Google Form which will be used to register animals for a spay & neuter clinic. One of the questions is "Age". I have multiple choices in Col A which include text. I want those choices to turn into numbers in Col B. I intend to report stats based on age groups in Col C. 1) Is...
  16. leopardhawk

    Need help with YEARFRAC

    Hello forum friends, would like to know if it's possible to convert a decimal to months of age. I have a formula that is returning "Started pension at 63.5222222222222 years of age" and I think it would look a lot better if it returned "63 years 6 months of age". The return does not need to...
  17. D

    Optionbutton link to listbox

    Hi all, I have created a userform, There are 2 conditions The 1st condition with optionbutton1 and obtionbutton2 (they represent either ''Male'' or ''Female'') The 2nd condition with optionbutton3, optionbutton4, optionbutton5 and optionbutton6 (they represent ''less than 18 years old"...
  18. M

    Convert Months to Years and Months

    if Cell A1 equals 53 months, I want B1 to equal 4 years 5 months.
  19. A

    VBA to List Months Between Two Years

    I am trying to work out a VBA Sub that will list out all the months between 2 given years. For example; year range is A1:B2 and the Sub would list out the values as shown in A3:B__ <colgroup><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 1940 2018 2 Year Month 3 1940 1 4 1940 2 5 1940 3...
  20. A

    If Date Formula

    Hi, I am trying to find a formula that if the date in cell A4 is within a year of the date in cell f1, it will do one formula, if it is between 1 and 2 years it will do another. Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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