1. M

    Combining mulitple cells contents without losing the leading zeros

    Good morning, Is there a macro that I can use to combine multiple cell contents into one cell and this one cell must have a total of 190 character spacing. At the same time some of the contents of a cell require specific spacing and can not lose the leading zeros. Here is the excel formula...
  2. S

    Macro: if column contains any number of possible strings, add zeros to front of number in that column

    I have a column that contains numbers whose leading zeros disappeared thanks to importing into excel. I want to reduce the number of steps this involves so I really don't want to open it in some other program to fix it then import. I'm already running a macro on this for something else, and...
  3. D

    Very specific question to translate form1 to form2

    Hello everyone, Maybe you are familiar with word Gerber, maybe you are not. It's a file that contains X/Y coordinates, it's most commonly used in different types of Industries, mainly PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly. I need excel to translate form1 to form2 Form1 Examples: %FSLAX24Y24*%...
  4. A

    Having trouble doing a simple Replace

    Hi, I had hoped to attach the small troublesome excel file (size: A1:F374) but just discovered I do not have permission. Not sure how to demo what the problem is without attaching the file - can I be given permission please? The file has numerous zeros (0). I want to use Replace to replace all...
  5. J

    strip off leading zeros

    <tbody> 00080236528-GP0KA I need the leading zeros to go away. leaving me with <tbody> 80236528-GP0KA thanks </tbody> </tbody> Note, there are varying numbers of 0s' and the length of the string isnt the same all the time.
  6. H

    Take out the zeros in my chart

    Hello everyone, In my excel, I have some charts that have zeros in their values range. I would like to "hide" those datas. I've tried two methods but none works. First of all, go on my chart option, in design/select data/ hidden and empty cells / select either gaps or zeros. My zeros values...
  7. B

    zeros that begin in zip codes

    if I have a huge list of zip codes and need the one or two zeros to appear as text format, is there an easy way to add them as opposed to going down the list manually and keying: '0 or '00? thanks
  8. R

    Multiplying only the numbers that are greater than zero

    Hello, I have a range of cells that contain variuos positive or zero numbers, and I want to calculate the geometric mean of the range, but I need a way to exclude the zeros. I tried to use the GEOMEAN function hoping it will ignore the zeros, but it didn't. I tried to write some kind of...
  9. A

    Leading Zero iwith Concat

    I've got two columns, department and position. I want to smush them together into one in order to use vlookup from another sheet. The position number needs to be 3 digits long in the final product. I have 1,2, and 3 digit position numbers. I can of course make it show the leading zeros...
  10. G

    Little Help... Thanks in advance

    I have columns A thru Z pulling in V-lookups and I want to pull certain columns of my data from those columns based on the Zero's it finds.... First row might have zero's in columns R thru Z so I want to return column Q in Column AB, then column P in column AC, Then column O in column AD...
  11. M

    give to the top 30% 3 point, to the midle 30% 2 points and to the lowest 40% 1 point while ignoring Zeros in the account

    I have a table of about 435 rows (and growing a bit). I have values in the column AJ and some are "0" which affect the percentile (even as nested...with the {}) This is my best guess, but as said, the percentile is still not correct, because of the "zeros"...
  12. B

    Suppress zeros in a query

    I have a query which shows a zero in phone field even though the table setting are set to short text. I have 5 data bases that are built off of the same template but 2 of 5 are showing zeros in the phone fields. Is there a way to suppress zeros from being shown in the query even though that zero...
  13. L

    Mode.Mult in dynamic table, excluding zeros, and hiding errors

    Hi, I have a table that updates as data is entered into another sheet. I want to find the mode of this data, but exclude the zeros, since there is a lot of zeros, because data has not been entered into the original sheet yet. Here is the formula currently being used...
  14. R

    VBA Remove/Delete Leading Zeros

    Hello, I need to remove the leading zeros in column J. It would need to remove from alphanumeric strings. Can some one provide the VBA code to do this? Thanks!
  15. How_Do_I


    Hello, I have something like the sample but a lot more columns with differing amounts of rows. What would be the formula in A1 to drag across to average the columns please? There will be no blanks and no zeros in the columns. So I'm after a formula that combines AVERAGEIF(S) with INDEX or...
  16. Q

    displaying zeros

    HI all, New to this site, heard good things so thought I would have a go. I am using a vlookup to populate a worksheet (results) which getting the information from a different worksheet called stats. All is working fine with the exception of zero's In the worksheet stats there are some...
  17. K

    Keep/Bring Back Trailing Zeros

    Hello All! I have a report that I dump from a vendor online. The only option I get is to download it as a CSV file. Sometimes, some of the order information has trailing zeros. The CSV file automatically gets rid of them, but I need the trailing zeros back. This column of order information is...
  18. B

    Stripping zeros out of an ID

    I have column with a mix of numbers, so contain zeros at the beginning but most don't. Some members have 1 or more zeros in front of the integers. I would like to remove these zeros with a formula but not quite sure how to do this. Here are some examples of the ID numbers that I have...
  19. N

    Keep the trailing zero's in TEXTJOIN

    Greetings again! Is there a way to get TEXTJOIN to keep the trailing zeros when having it pull numbers? I have the reference cells set up to carry out to three decimal places. When I use TEXTJOIN to combine data (text and numbers) it's removing the trailing zeros that I need on my numbers...
  20. D

    Trying to correct erroneous values being used by =Combinations array

    In Worksheet1 I have a small table (AK28:AZ28) of numbers which have been established via a calculated event (example: the formula in AK28 is =IF(OR(AK25="X",AK24=""),99,AK24)). AK24 would either equal a number (1-20 or 99) or an X. The "X" represents the number has already been use, the 99...

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