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This video has been published on Aug 10, 2009 .
More features from the Excel 2010 technical preview: The Excel 2010 Backstage view replaced the old Office Icon for all of the things that you do to a document. Episode 1076 shows you how.

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Transcript of the video:
Hey, welcome back to the Mr. Excel netcast.
I'm Bill Jelen.
Basically, we start out with massive amounts of data.
So, how we're going to analyze this.
Well, let's fire up a pivot table and see if you can solve this problem.
Hey, welcome back to the MrExcel netcast.
I'm Bill Jelen.
Well, hey let's take another look at Excel 2010.
I know, a couple of weeks ago, we went through a few of the new features in Excel 2010.
Of course, we still have the ribbon in Excel 2010, like they had in Excel 2007.
The one cool thing, and I'll talk about this tomorrow, is that we can customize the ribbon.
But the one thing that changed dramatically with the ribbon and I want you to think about this conceptually.
Most things on the ribbon are things that we're doing to our document.
So, we're selecting some cells, changing the color and seeing how that affects the document.
And so, those are all features that Microsoft is calling In features.
Those are things that, you know, we're working on the document, we want to see the results of the document but they really think that everything on the File menu is different than that.
It's not things that we're doing inside of the document.
It's things that we're doing to the document.
Okay so, now the document is done and we're going to send it somewhere or print it or something like that.
So, let's take a look at the File menu, the old Office button.
Now, this is going to be renamed File, in the final version of excel 2010.
You see that, it now takes up the full screen, the File menu and we have all the things that we can do to the document.
So, if we come in to Save As, just do a quick test here.
But they have various options.
So as we go through, for example, New. They show us all of the different templates available at Office Online.
If we go into Print, right here, Print Preview is available right in this backstage view and a lot of the Print options are available here.
Excel Options is still found here and our list of recently used documents is still here.
So everything that used to be on the Office button is here.
It's kind of expanded. I like how they've given us a much larger view.
Like for example, with Print, we can actually see the Print Preview, as we go through and adjust the various printer options, a very cool feature.
Now this, currently is being called the Backstage View or the Out options, the things that we're not doing inside of the document but things we're doing outside the document.
Of course, this will be here in 2010, in both Word, PowerPoint, Excel, all of those.
Currently, you have to press back to get back.
I understand that in the later builds, this is an early beta, this is the technical preview, in the later builds, they're actually going to show the other ribbon tabs in there.
So, that's what we have behind the office button. Kind of cool!
Here, you can customize this so people actually be able to add new sections here, with their own custom items over on the right-hand side.
Fairly cool feature of the new Backstage View in excel 2010.
Hey, I want to thank you for stopping by .
Will see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.
Thanks for stopping by.
Will see you next time for another netcast from MrExcel.
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