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Jul 20, 2005
I am in the navy and am trying to design a database to track navigational information and automate some of the remedial task we have to accomplish on a daily basis.

Here are a few of my questions.
1A. I am trying to convert a number to a set of degrees... IE, if one of the fields is 358 degrees and you want to add 10 more degrees the answer should be 008 (or just 8) not 368 degrees.

1B. Also, I would like to get something that compares two sets of degrees so I know if I need to steer right to correct for course or steer left.

1C. Lastly, if the course we are steering is +/- 10 degrees of the course we are supposed to be steering I would like a message box to pop up displaying the information. Also, if I could get a check box to suspend further notices until we get back on track It would be plain sexy.


2A. How do I utilize message boxes? After the lost focus on three of my txt boxes, I would like to run a few formulas to check for a criteria then prompt for the text box if the criteria is met... can someone just provide me an example of one of these text boxes? I am sure I could figure out the mechanics if I see the basics, I am just completely lost as to how even to start.

Thanks for all the help - the calmative wealth of knowledge in this place is staggering. You guys rock!

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