ActiveX design mode error


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Dec 16, 2014
For my company we have been using excel documents with some integrated VBA to speed up data entry and keep uniformity up until last week everything has been working out great. Starting last week we have been having issues when opening up these forms getting errors related to the ActiveX controls, I went through and I deleted the .exd temporary files and this seemed to fix the issues for all the computers but one and I cant seem to figure out whats causing this.

Currently on the form you click an ActiveX label ("Label1") and it goes through the table to pull out the metrics. On the issue computer when you try to run this macro it comes up with an error saying that it cannot create "Label1" and it cannot exit design mode (design mode was not on previously). When I checked the properties of the label it says the label is named "Label2" and in the VBA display for Sheet1, "Label1" doesnt show up in the object dropdown menu anymore.

I've tried deleting this ActiveX control and recreating it, removing it all together and any reference to it in the code, renaming it to something less general but i keep getting the same error. When trying to just rename the current label back to what it should be it comes up with "Label1 is an ambiguous name". I'm unable to recreate this error on any other computer at my company so I'm not sure if this is more of an error on his computer or if it is with excel somehow.

Any ideas on how I can go about correcting this issue?

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