Add blank rows to table


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Hi, I'm trying to get a table to always have a fixed number of blank rows in a given column, this is to make sure that my helper table always contains all the data available. I think it should be something like a macro that counts the blank cells in a given columns and adds a column if the count is lower than a set number, and loops the process until the count is good. I know very little about VBA coding so I searched a couple of forums but couldn't find anything...

Thanks in advance


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How is the incorrect number of rows causing a problem with the Helper table ?
Is the table a structured table (created with INSERT \ TABLE) ?


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Hi, sorry for the delay, my project was on hold for a while. The helper column automatically fills with dates that are used to reference other formulas, but I want my formulas to work without the user having to manually expand the helper table.


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