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Apr 4, 2011

I have used these forums numerous times to find answers to excel or access questions, so for that I thank you all!

My question is related to pivot tables...

I have sales data taken from my accounting software that I put into pivot tables to sort. I have sales data broken up by date, amount, product, channel, market, submarket, and region. I am looking to add a target field to this data. I understand I could just add this as a heading to my data but my problem is that this target number is not based per transaction but is actually specific to each channel for each item.

For example, product 1 has a target for both its direct channel and reseller channel. It would take days to manually add this data for each transaction. I can get the data in the correct format using pivot tables if I sort by item, then by channel. I see the total sales data for each item by channel without a problem. Ideally I'd like to add a column here that has the target data. So for product 1 I would have a $ amount for each channel (Direct or reseller) under the heading Target. Is there a way to add a column? Maybe I could create a pivot table out of a pivot table to include the data?

I've tried copying my data and using the advanced sort filter then used the sorted data for the pivot table but I am curious if anyone here has some simple ideas that might help. I guess that is is really confusing because each Month has a new target...

Thank you!

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