Adding search functionality to extract data


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Apr 6, 2011
Hey, so i am very new to excel and my manager has given me this task in which she wants data to be extracted from excel and sent to access

the problem im facing is htat the excel spreadsheet is 2 MB and it shows all the projects that my organization has been doing for the past month and it shows the employees who have been working in that project and how many days in that month did they allocate for that project

now my manager wants me to make her life easier by creating a search tool that allows her to search for the project ID that her team has been working on and then take the employees who have been working on the project and the amount of time they've spent on the project and put it in a database

i have no idea how to do this as some projects could have 3 people working on it while other projects could have 10 people working on it

so how do i make it work in such a way that only the employees working on that project is selected and transferred into access?

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