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Jul 15, 2014
Hi All,

I'm looking to do a two-variable what-if sensitivity analysis, however, instead of just doing a simple sensitivity to a row cell and a column cell, I would like to shift an entire array as the column and row variables (see below).

The reason being that I have multiple "consumer products" (32 of them to be exact) and I'm trying to do a sensitivity analysis to all products at once to see the total aggregate impact, rather than building a what-if table for each product individually and then adding all 32 tables together.

To give a more clear example, array 1 might be cost of the product for each of the 32 products and array 2 might be quantity sold for each of the 32 products. I then have a cell that adds up all the revenue for all 32 individual products, which is what I want to run the sensitivity of price and quantity to.

I realized this may not be possible using the what-if tool in excel (I don't think you can do arrays).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

=Formula summing result for all 32 productsShift Array 1 Down 10%Shift Array 1 Down 5%Shift Array 1 Up 5%Shift Array 1 Up 10%
Shift Array 2 Down 10%ResultsResultsResultsResults
Shift Array 2 Down 5%ResultsResultsResultsResults
Shift Array 2 Up 5%ResultsResultsResultsResults
Shift Array 2 Up 10%ResultsResultsResultsResults

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