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Mar 6, 2014
Hi There,

I hope that I've posted this in the correct forum? apologies if I haven't.

I was hoping to get some advice from you guy's/girls please, I would like a change in career and over the last year have been teaching myself Microsoft Office Suite (only completed Word Fully) and now exploring Excel (which has so much more to it than I originally thought, I was so naive), I was hoping to get a starting position on a help desk that deals with queries within the office suite and hopefully one day build up to qualifying as a Microsoft Office Expert.

So I found a company here who would do the starting qualifications (Microsoft Office Specialist) for £200, quite reasonable i thought although the exams would be £80 each, again not too bad.

The person I spoke to though told me that it wasn't necessary to take the exams as I could put on my CV that I have completed training with this company. and that employers would do a skill set anyway. To be fair I thought that a little strange but as I'm just starting out who am I?

Anyway I done a little research by calling a employment agency that deals with IT positions and was advised that maybe I needed to get an MCSE first as that might be able to get me started as they haven't come across Microsoft Office Specialist Roles.. but this is I feel going in a completely different direction.

So I looked online and the only Microsoft Office Specialist positions that I came across is ones that included knowing Active Directory DS?

So I've come to the place where I've had great advice before in hopes of some direction for my sanity if nothing else.
I only wish that there was a company that would take on people who trained on the job..

Please help!

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