Annoying Error When Trying to Reload Excel Database


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Cannot Define field more than once


The specification failed to execute. Try re-creating the specification

I am simply trying to reload an excel file with the updated one, I've done it before no errors. I even removed the Auto Numbered ID and reran the load, same issue.

if not this error I get that annoying cannot duplicate.. etc.

How can I load my table again please? It would just be more frustrating if it disappears since I have multiple forms linked to it.


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Hard to say without seeing any data. You probably have some problem in the file or the target table. Don't panic - just start with the basics and work the problem one step at a time. Is the data clean? Are the fields all defined correctly with correct data types? Are their blank rows or columns? Are there mixed data types in one column? Does the target table match the Excel table? Is the import specification correct? If worse comes to worse, remove half of the columns and see if the "first half" loads okay. Then try with the second half - narrow down the problem. Or just try loading everything as text to a new table to see if you can load the data with minimal constraints.


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Thank you for replying. I'm a pro at excel, but when it comes to Access, it really does hate me. I haven't used it on over 5 years. But, now I'm in the process of create an ad hoc form with a combo box. It has been a true nightmare.. The loads worked and so I saved an autoload. I have tried running it fresh without the autoload. Definitely in panic mode since.. I have been working on the form links for weeks. If I remove the load and reload the file, will it corrupt my forms or can I simply relink them?


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I'm not familiar with the terms "saving an autoload" or "removing a load". Access has an import wizard. Is it something like that? From my experience with Access you can relink data sources at any time.

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