Another Multiple Text to Excel 2003 Question


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Dec 7, 2005
Our phone system records a text file along with a .WAV file of all our phone calls, the text file is a simple one line record that indicates the date, time filename of the associated .WAV file, the originating number, the destination number and some other supurfulous info. My boss wants me to put all of the text files into one worksheet. The problem is that there are about 10,000 text files right now, so doing it manually is impossible. Can you help me with a way to import multiple text files into one spreadsheet autoamtically? I can send you a few text files as examples if you give me an email address, since I can't see a place to attach the files here.

M. Winn

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Greg Truby

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Jun 19, 2002
Welcome to the board.
  1. How far have you gotten in this process on your own thus far?
  2. How skilled are you at VBA?
    • What's VBA?
    • I can record simple macros.
    • I can edit simple macros
    • I have written macros from scratch.
    • I know how to create userforms and program controls on them.
    • I have created class modules.
  3. Do the files follow a naming protocol?
  4. Are the files located in one directory or many?<ul>
  5. If more than one directory, is there a naming protocol for the directories?
[/list]There are many other questions to cover between where you appear to be now and where you want to get. We'll be glad to guide you as best we can, but we cannot walk for you. You'll need to take the steps and report your progress. And even so, the type of request you are making requires a fair amount of work to put together. You may want to contact Mr Excel for a quote if you do not have the know-how to do this within the timeframe your boss wants.


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Dec 7, 2005
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the quick response.

I know that I can import one file at a time, I haven't tried to write any macro's.

I know a little about VBA I know a lot more about the old microsoft basic

i'm sure I can edit an existing VBA macro, I haven't tried to write on from scratch but I am certainly willing to try, I just don't have a list of VBA terms, I may be able to obtain one though.

The file naming is 8 numeric digits, not necesarily in sequence, followed by .txt

Each phone extension has its own folder where the files are located, I would import each folder into its own spreadsheet, I.E. 1 spreadsheet for each extension containg all of the text files for that extension.

would you like to see one of the files?


M. Winn

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