Archive data from one worksheet to another based on the value of a cell using a macro linked button.


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Dec 22, 2016
I have a database for recruitment within my company. There are four outcomes based on a person's application, attested, deferred, not interested and rejected. Candidate information is written from cells a5 to s5, the last column, t5 is "archive status", once a candidate has reached one of the aforementioned outcomes I would like a macro linked to a button which transfers the candidates data to a separate active worksheet within my workbook. The database range is from a5 to t1000 as we get reasonable candidate volume. The other worksheets are aptly named "Attested" "Deferred" "Not Interested" and "Rejcted". I would like to be able to transfer all the data apart from the archive status across to the relevant worksheet and the location in the other workbooks will be exactly the same from a5 to s1000 (not the T column as it is the archive status and unnecessary). There would be a separate button and macro for each status however they may be multiple entries with the same status, e.g 20 candidates may be deferred all at once and will need to be transferred accordingly without duplication or overwriting previous archived data.

I am using Ms Excel 2010.

Any help would be much appreciated on this matter. Thank you very much in advance


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