Arrow keys and mouse not working consistently with scroll and panes


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Jul 14, 2019
Am running Excel 2016 (64 bit) on 64 bit Windows 10 machine.
When a called macro changes to view a worksheet with Panes set, most times the keyboard arrows will not change the view. Sometimes they move the cursor off the page, sometimes the cursor is non-responsive. Also, cannot mouse click on the Close worksheet (upper right) when in this condition.
If I click on another tab and then return to the initial worksheet, all is well.
REALLY frustrating!
This is NOT a Scroll Lock issue and I have reinstalled keyboard and mouse drivers. Seems to be a glitch in Excel.
[FONT=&quot]Again, if I click on another worksheet and then return to the previously selected worksheet, it "unsticks" whatever was stuck and things work fine until I use a similar macro to change worksheets.[/FONT]
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Links? Where??
If Excel says you have links but you can't find them, go to Formulas, Name Manager. Look for old links to dead workbooks & delete.


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Mar 11, 2015
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Let's eliminate a systemic Excel/VBA issue first

Are you able to recreate the issue in a clean workbook ?
1 Create a new workbook with a similar layout WITHOUT copy/pasting ANY sheets, data or formatting from old workbook
2 Copy/paste the troublesome macro into the new workbook
3 Does the problem replicate ?

Let us know how you get on



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Jul 13, 2019
1. Open up the On-Screen Keyboard. Press Windows key + R and then type "osk" in the Run dialog box

2.Click on the ScrLk key once to turn off the Scroll Lock. Make sure that the key associated with Screen Lock is not in blue, Screen Lock was successfully disabled.

3. Open an Excel sheet and check if the problem is now resolved.

This could help you:

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