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Mar 7, 2016
Good afternoon, I download a spreadsheet once a month that contains workorders for a given department. The workorders are divided up by responsibility and by the activity code. We then assign the correct employee and shift to the workorder (manually right now).

In Power query I have the table of workorders uploaded and I created a running count for each activity code. If an activity code has 15 workorders for a given month I would like powerquery to assign 1 work order every few days to the correct group of people (A shift, B shift, or C shift). Then select a random person from the list of employees and assign the work order to them. If some workorders I would like to schedule 6 per day to all shifts.

I have a calendar for the month created as a table (used a calendar parameter function in PQ)

I am a bit lost on how I should structure this. I was thinking a table for shifts and available employees. Then merge together the tables (or use Power Pivot either is fine) to give assignments by day and to the right shifts.

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