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Aug 25, 2005
Hi everyone,

I have a specific problem that I will try to explain as well as I can:

We have a new financial period every 4 weeks. We calculate information based on what period it is. If now is period 1 and you enter a payment it is registered as period 2. I have a 2 column list, column 1 shows periods 1 - 13 and column 2 the corresponding end dates. How do I get excel to look at today’s date and then round it up to the correct period end date as specified in column 2 i.e. if today is in period 1 (Nov 1 2005) and I enter a payment then show period 2 and its end date (Nov 12 2005).

Basic explanantion = if today() > period 1 date (B1) then round up to period 2 date (B2) and show in cell next to entry (D1) "Period 2" & Date.

It might not make that much sense but I'm feeling a bit rough this morning and this stuff is making my brain hurt!!!

Thanks in advance


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A bit hazy on a few details :confused:

If 12 Nov is end date of Period 2 and each period is 4 weeks, how is today in period 1?

in what cell do you enter the payment?

How do you want the results to show?

Do you mean something like this:
1PeriodPE DatePeriodEnd Date

Formula in C2 =MATCH(TODAY(),B:B,1)
Formula in D2 =OFFSET($A$1,$C2,0)
Formula in E2 =OFFSET($A$1,$C2,1)
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Hey Al,

Yeah, sorry about the dates I kinda improvised on the spot and it didn't work out. The sheet looks about right but I have copied it over and I don't get any values in the cells. Lets say I enter a payment in cell C4 of £10,000 how do I get it to show the period and date in D4 and E4?


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Hi Twin,

So if you enter 10,000 in C4, will you be entering another value next month in C5, say, & expect D4 & E4 to remain unchanged?
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Hey Al,

Sorry about the confusing explanations but I am having one of those days where getting your head around what you want is difficult and explaining to someone else is even worse. :biggrin:
The periods and dates are just a reference for the calculation. Every time I enter a payment (column C) I would like the period and date to appear on the next 2 cells (D,E).

Thanks for your patience mate.

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Hi Twin,

Dont worry about it - we ALL have those sort of days :(

What I was trying to ask / hint at was that if, say, in period 1 you entered 10,000 in C4 and the formula returned 2, 12 Nov 05.
You then come back to the s/sheet next month and enter 12,000 in C5, the formula in D4,E4 will re-calculate unless you either (a) convert the formula to text (could be operationally messy), (b) use a sheet change event, or (c) have the current date entered, say in C1, as a value for the formula to check Today() against.

Which way do you want to jump? (Do you want to go 50:50, phone a friend or ask the audience?)
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We'll you appear to be both the audience and phone a friend so out of the 50 / 50 options..... I would like to recalculate the result as I will copy all the results out at the end of the period.

Could you do one of your cool sheets again so I can just do a brainless copy and I'll send you some lager in the post. (better get some type of waterproof envelope...)

Thanks Matey

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Hi Twin,

OK, here it is:
formula in D2 & copied down is =IF(ISBLANK($C2),"",OFFSET($A$1,MATCH(TODAY(),$B:$B,1),0))
Formula in E2 & copied down is =IF(ISBLANK($C2),"",OFFSET($A$1,MATCH(TODAY(),$B:$B,1),1))

Waterproof envelope on it's way :biggrin:
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Hi Mate,

I'm not getting any value returned!! am I doing something wrong? (probably)

Let me know

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