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Dec 10, 2008
Hi All,
I am currently creating a personal finance spreadsheet and I am trying to Calculate in 1 cell the amount left on a Mortgage.

All I want to do in say, Cell A1 is tell me how much is left to pay in reference to TODAY's date.

I don't want or need a full mortgage amortization spreadsheet, I just want it to calculate whats left owed by the total amount borrowed, term and todays date to in 1 cell. So it gives me a rough idea what is left to pay, providing payments are kept up to date.

If I specify the term, start date, todays date, and total amount elsewhere I want it to auto refresh every time the spreadsheet is open using the new date of TODAY and tell me what the remaining amount should be.

Everytime I google for something like this the templates are full amortization layouts and not calculated for just a single day of today for example.

Hopefully I have explained myself properly. I dont even know where to start which such an equation using dates and £'s in the formula to produce my output.

Any help much appreciated. ;)

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