Autofill numbers in columns that contain empty cells


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Jan 29, 2009

I have data in column A, C, E, G, and in lines 1-20, 25-36, 38-52.
How can I insert consecutive numbers on the left side of each cell containing data, since I can not use autofill as I have empty cells in some rows as well as empty cells in some columns?
Question 2: Can you use autofill starting at A1 and continuing for example in B7 or C15?
Question 2: Can you use autofill in a column, skipping the numbering when there is an empty cell?
Question 3: Am I making ANY sense AT ALL???;)

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Andrew Poulsom

MrExcel MVP
Jul 21, 2002
Put 1 in row 1 of the column you want to use (let's say H). Then in row 2 put something like this:


and copy down.


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Jan 29, 2009
tHANK YOU, just did that and it is not skipping the empty cells. its just autofills the numbers as if i dragged the +symbol. I'll try again in case i did not copy right

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