Autofit row height problem


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Jun 4, 2010
I have a userform that takes data and puts it into a cell, one of those inputs is a field called "description" which can get to be pretty long... I have it so it puts it into a long wrapped text cell and the cell will grow and autofit when its submitted the problem is that it is autofitting and cutting off some of the text... this picture shows how excel is autofitting it

Any ideas how I could fix this?

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Sep 2, 2009
Maybe add some code like this...
    Columns("B:B").WrapText = True
    Columns("B:B").ColumnWidth = 100


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Jun 4, 2010
Yeah, i tried that and it doesn't seem to be doing it. I searched a little bit and what I found out is that the autofit, autofits a cell down to roughly 1000 characters even if there are more characters in the single cell.

Heres what I am kind of working on to fix my problem and it seems to be doing the trick:

Rich (BB code):
Private Sub addpackage2_Click()  
Dim i As Long
Dim s As Long
  'set range value
  Range("B8").Value = Description.Value
   'fix description row height
    With Range("B8").EntireRow
    End With
    s = Len(Description.Value) / 1000
    For i = 1 To s
End Sub
Sub GrowCell()
With Sheets("Details").Range("B25")
 .RowHeight = .RowHeight + 55
End With
End Sub
Because the autofit recorrects to around 1000 characters I took the total character length and divided it by 1000 and then added 55 to the row height (roughly the height of 1000 characters) the same number of times that 1000 characters appears in the cell

If anyone else has a better solution I would glady accept it

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