Automation error Exception occured

Rufus Clupea

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Feb 11, 2019
Hi Folks,

Periodically, when opening & launching my project in Excel, I get an

Automation error
Exception occurred

nastygram, which then closes (crashes) Excel. It doesn't always happen, whether I've changed anything or not. The only way I've noticed that avoids it (after repeated attempts at starting the project) is going into Developer mode, opening the VBE, and then going from there back to Excel and launching the project.

Once I've gone through the aforementioned process, things work normally, and I can continue working on the project until the next time, when this may or may not happen again.

Any ideas/clues on how to fix this? I've looked at the Help Reference, but it's pretty much geek to me... :confused:

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Nov 1, 2008
DO you have any start-up macros? Disable all of them (by commenting them out). Then see if you can open normally, consistently. Next uncomment (in a smart way) the macro's bit by bit to see when the error starts again. There is your culprit.

Do you have any 'low level' programming in your macro, like capturing mouse events etc?

Rufus Clupea

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Feb 11, 2019
DO you have any start-up macros?
No. Excel loads the Workbook fine. The first action to start things going is a simple clicking of a command button.
There are (currently) 2 command buttons; one clears the worksheet—that one works as expected, and doesn't cause the error. The other command button launches a UserForm (sans title bar).

Do you have any 'low level' programming in your macro, like capturing mouse events etc?
There are a couple of Subs that check if the mouse button is down and/or moving, so that the UserForm can be moved around. This allows me to check on the worksheet as different cells are filled with values (the Userform normally fills the entire screen). This doesn't happen until the UserForm is shown; the error occurs when clicking on the command button that causes the UserForm to be shown.

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