average of last 3 and last 10 data sets when data is non contiguous


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Oct 16, 2017
hi, bit of background. I'm trying to create a statistics excel sheet for my appallingly bad golf short game. I'm recording the distance to the flag for each putt using my stride length as the standard unit of measurement.

anyway I have formula In place that calculate the running total of all rounds played eg (=ROUNDUP(AVERAGEI(Data Entry!$E$3:$E$1000,",.0"),0) this is working and giving me the averages for all of the rounds of data I input up to row 1000.

what I am trying to do and failing to understand is how to display the last round entered and the last 3 round entered for a comparison against the running total average distances.

each round of data is self contained but separated from each data set by a blank row. I've tried OFFSET, INDEX COUNTIF etc but am obviously making errors in the formula.

any fellow golfers out there willing to assist an excel newbie.

so to clarify I have 18 holes rows E3 to E20 (round1) thenE22 to E39(round2) etc etc. I'm averaging each (round) of data to give me an average for that round and displayed alongside the inputted data but on a different tab I have the stats page where the running total averages are displayed. it is on this page that I am looking to include the last 3 and last 10 rounds for comparison.
I am unable to attach the file itself as I can find no method of doing so, I presume is frowned upon?
any help/advice/guidance gratefully received.

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Feb 2, 2012
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Hi you may copy paste a small sample of your data. Copy paste should do the trick, thus would help readers give you appropriate feedback. AVERAGEIFS might be what you require...
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