Back End Only Opening Read Only


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Oct 8, 2008
So this has happened now 2 days in a row --

I administer an Access DB with 12-15 users -- each user has an .accde copy of the front end on their desktop and the back end is on a shared server.

I got a call saying that all of a sudden nobody could add a new entry to the db. I look into it and for some reason I can only open the Back End Read Only. I ensure that nobody is in the db and there is no laccdb lock file. But still, I can only open the back end read only.

I make a copy of the back end -- make that the new back end db, and re-write everything to link to the new back end. I give all the users the new version and everything works fine.

The next morning, the same issue happens again. I again made a new back-end, etc.

Any ideas on what this is and how I can prevent it in the future?

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May 25, 2013
I would look at the properties for the file and see if it has been set to read only?

If so, are the other files in the folder also set.?
Is some process running that sets all files in folder to read only.?

First test is the actual file itself.?



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Jun 3, 2015
Likely one or more users does not have the correct permissions on the be folder. Everyone must have full permissions otherwise they cannot delete or edit the lock file. If they cannot delete, a user can still open but put the db in a read only mode (or is it "exclusive"?). Last user out deletes lock file, but the db is "locked". Don't forget that a folder can inherit permissions from a parent folder, so that can be part of the problem as well (i.e. users may have the requisite permissions but the folder may have a limitation imposed from upstream). You might check to see if there is a command line switch for "shared" so that you can open the be with it, but I don't think so. You might be able to create a small db utility that will reset the be property back to shared. I have never done that, but I have altered other db properties with such db's.

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