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I have been tasked to digitalize inventory forms for a Dairy Plant so that employees can fill out forms on a computer rather than by hand. At this point I have taken the old excel forms that the company prints out on a daily basis and added ActiveX Controls all around (spin buttons, combo boxes, checkboxes etc.) Although I'm struggling with trying to base comboboxes on each other.
I want the user to be able to pick a milk filler machine name (EH3 or Elopak) and based off of one of the two names the other comboboxes will show a specified list of products that the particular filler is able to run. For example EH3-1%,2%,Whole Milk and Elopak-Skim, Lowfat, Organic. The fillers have at least 15 different products that they can each run.
I did try to run a similacode on VBA as the one stated in this thread . The code makes sense and I arranged my data in a siilar fashion but I keep getting a "run time 438" error or a "Compile Error". Ive tried to manipulate the code and even searched what the runtime 438 error is, but still no luck. can anyone help me out? Much appreciated. Also I am new to VBA. I messed with it a little in college but thats about it.


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You'll be better off using Dependent Data Validation. Zack Barresse wrote a good article here.

In addition, I try to limit control use on worksheets as much as possible and reserve those for user forms where they're more robust.


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Thanks for the welcome! Okay so dont use ActiveX controls on something like this :/. Ill read the article and try to see if I can make do with that, but is their anway that it can still work with the method that Im using? Everything works on the sheet! This is the last think I have to figure out haha

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