Best way to use a remote Access database + Excel + VBA?


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Sep 8, 2011
Hello all. As always, thanks for this repository of knowledge and experience. I manage a growing retail firm that has recently expanded from a single-location to two locations and a separate warehouse. Initally I was tasked with developing a Point of Sale system that would track our inventory and daily sales. Even without prior VBA experience, and owing much to this community, I was able to develop this application fairly easily. However, the framework was based upon the initial parameters: i.e. one location only. Now I have been asked to expand the application from one-store-beta to whole-system-live. All products being used are from the 2010 edition of Office. I've decided to use an Access database to store my individual inventory lines, so that a user at one location can easily see stock levels at all locations. The particulars of the data are not so important, the questions of how and where to store this database are. We have web hosting available. My instinct is to use ftp to simlpy host the file, but I am uncertain as to how to do this from within the VBA realm. Can anyone make a recommendation on where to begin researching the techniques needed to accomplish this? As always, the boss seems to think this is easier than it is. "Just use the cloud."
I feel confident in my ability to accomplish this on one machine, as I have already learned how to read/write to and from Access files that reside on the same machine as the application, but any help getting that Access file to a remote location and editing it from within the VBA realm would be greatly appreciated.

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