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Aug 15, 2011
I am trying to modify/create a Bank Deposit worksheet for an office with numerous working parts to it. I created a deposit sheet several years ago with three working pages. The first page is for entering check numbers and check amounts. Second page is for "double check" for checking the dollar amounts entered on page one. Page three pulls the check number and amount from page one and drops this into cells which when printed, duplicates a bank deposit slip that normally must be filled out by hand.
So already having this spreadsheet listed above, here is the problem I am trying to figure out. I am needing to add the following.
First, there will worksheets for each day of the week, easy. Here is the twist. I need to build a sheet to pull only the fields that have information entered into them, which can and will vary by day each week. So from the five sheets, one may have 12 rows, one with 18, another with 6 and so on.
Mondayck #ck $

Tuesdayck #ck &


Wedck #ck &


Here is a simple example with 2, 3, then 4 rows needing to be pulled.

So the big question is how to build the functions to extract only the cells with information from each of these five pages onto one, without any blank cells carrying over.

This is the first hurdle I have with this spreadsheet, and if this is possible, there will be at least one more, somewhat similar.

Thanks for your help.

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