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Aug 9, 2017

Last time I had somewhat same query and helpful tips from this forum, so I am here again, This time bit complex (at least to me).

Here is the file with required format:

there are total 28 subjects
a student can either will have 6 or 5 subjects (anywhere out of the the 28 subjects in the sheet)
each subject has categories, what we need is AE(theory) and prac(practical)
student needs to pass in both theory and practical separately i.e in theory out of 80 - if student gets 26 or more then they are pass, and for practical out of 20- 7 or more is pass)
so if failed in theory subject result will be FT, if failed in practical subject result will be FP, both fail means subject result will be F else P (for Pass)
and the overall result at the end is based on subjects results(i.e FT,FP,F or P), {earlier the result was decided based on total score}
so if student has SIX subjects then FP or FT or F in 1 subject is "Pass"
FT or FP or F in 2 subjects is "compartment"
FT,FP or F in more than 2 is "Fail"
All P is"Pass"

if the student has FIVE subjects FP,FT or F in 1or 2 subjects is "compartment"
And FP,FT or F in more than 2 is "fail"
All P is "Pass"

Thanks in advance for any help
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