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Sep 9, 2011
Hi all

I hope someone can help, I am getting so confused trying to work this out.

I have a spreadsheet for a customer to keep track of stock in and out and they have asked me to add a section to show them the total value of the stock.

One the first tab below it shows a code number which links to the item and also size and then at the end in the final column is the cost per unit (these are examples for now) as you can see item 12 has multiple different costs.

Excel Dynamic Inventory
28/09/20201Shipping box030x30x30000£20.00
28/09/20202Shipping box036x36x3656560£10.00
28/09/20203Shipping box07x5x577770£5.00
28/09/20204Shipping Box Royal Mail0Small21210£20.00
28/09/20205Shipping Box Royal Mail0Large24240£20.00
28/09/20206NPR Square Bottle Box006296290£20.00
28/09/20207NPR Square Bottle Box Labels004004000£20.00
28/09/20208NPR Square Bottles050ml92920£20.00
28/09/20209NPR Square Bottle Original Lids0Aluminium4804800£20.00
28/09/202010NPR Formula01ltr80800£20.00
28/09/202011Glass Nail File001271270£20.00
28/09/202012Elixir Dropper Bottles00000£20.00
28/09/202013Elixir Dropper Bottle Labels00100010000£20.00
28/09/202014NPR Sachets Singles001031030£20.00
28/09/202015NPR Sachets Box005135130£20.00
28/09/202016Discover Sets0024240£20.00
28/09/202017Ecoflow Packing Material00000£20.00
28/09/202018Packing Tape00220£20.00
28/09/202019Document Shipping Wallets0060600£20.00
28/09/202020Mini Brochure Cards00225022500£20.00
28/09/202021Thank You Cards00400040000£20.00
28/09/202022Discount Cards003003000£20.00
28/09/202023Recipe Cards002002000£20.00
29/09/202012Elixir Dropper Bottles00110£10.00
30/09/202012Elixir Dropper Bottles00110£1.00

What I then have is another tab that shows the stocks and they want to be able to show the total worth of that stock in the sheet below, so the total number of items in Stock * Price per unit, taking in to account some stock lines could have different prices as per above.

Excel Dynamic Inventory
1Shipping box030x30x3000020
2Shipping box036x36x365605620
3Shipping box07x5x57707725
4Shipping Box Royal Mail0Small2102110
5Shipping Box Royal Mail0Large2402410
6NPR Square Bottle Box006290629800
7NPR Square Bottle Box Labels004000400250
8NPR Square Bottles050ml92092216
9NPR Square Bottle Original Lids0Aluminium4800480216
10NPR Formula01ltr8008050
11Glass Nail File001270127200
12Elixir Dropper Bottles00202200
13Elixir Dropper Bottle Labels00100001000250
14NPR Sachets Singles0010301032000
15NPR Sachets Box005130513500
16Discover Sets00240245
17Ecoflow Packing Material000000
18Packing Tape002020
19Document Shipping Wallets006006010
20Mini Brochure Cards0022500225025
21Thank You Cards0040000400025
22Discount Cards00300030010
23Recipe Cards00200020010

Does anyone have any idea what kind of formula I need to add?

Thanks in advance

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