Can i use a ribbon editor within excel with out having to get other users to download the editor program

Brenton Hombsch

New Member
I am recently self taught on using a ribbon editor to set up some ribbon on my excel program that other people use on different computers (not linked in any way) and all is working well, however i was wondering if it is possible to have the codes in my ribbon editor somehow included in my excel program so that users do not have to download the ribbon editor program as well?

Hope this makes sense!

Thanks in Advance


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Why do you think they need to download the ribbon editor, it is just used to setup the ribbon in development. The ribbon you buikld will be part of the workbook that you distribute, the ribbon editor will not.

Brenton Hombsch

New Member
Thanks, from what i had been reading i took it that they needed to have the ribbon editor downloaded. i am yet to distribute the workbook out so wanted to make sure that things worked correctly.

This makes things easier!!1

Thanks again!

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