Can PowerBI refresh the PowerQuery on my Excel data


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Dec 3, 2004
I have PowerBI connected to Excel data source (ie not imported but "linked").
This Excel (either can be on OneDrive business or desktop) contains a powerquery to do data transformation.

The data in Excel data itself is stored in "Data" tab that resides within this Excel and does not further get data externally.

The PowerBI get data from another tab which is a "Result" table of the powerquery in this Excel.

From time to time system would make changes to "Data" tab. There is a need to refresh the Excel's powerquery to update "Result".

My challenge here is, is it possible the PowerBI (desktop or web BI Service) to refresh the Excel's powerquery & the Result table and sync new result into Power BI ?
How ? Please help. Thanks.

And if PowerBI cannot do this, is there any way to refresh Excel powerquery for Power BI's consumption ?
I know moving Powerquery into PowerBI is one way, but if possible due to business nature we wish not to do so ...

Pls help.. thanks all...
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