can someone make an excel spreadsheet for martingale ?


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It doenst seem preety hard , even if I might not now what am talking about .
I am afraid it is a lot more complicated than you think and if it is based on the Martingale system (which it appears to be) then I would suggest you do a search on it because you will find your chances of making a fortune are slim.
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Mark is too optimistic - you are certain to lose all your stake money - because it is less than 40 trillion euros - and casinos, betting shops etc impose limits on both stake and winnings - if you stake £1 on a 10 forse accumulator and they all win at 33/1 you will get maybe 10000 euros at best


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Many years ago I worked with 3 men who consistently made a steady profit betting on horses. They studied form for several hours every day (in the employer's time). They only placed a bet if their "system" signalled it. Sometimes they went weeks without placing a bet. They were in the end banned from the local betting shop - not because they won too much, but because the OAP who chalked winner details on the blackboard always asked them "what they were going for" and staked far more than they did on the horse.

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