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I am trying to format the cells in which I enter data. I receive invoice numbers from our department head, the invoice numbers vary in length. I need all entries to be 11 digits in length. If the invoice number I receive is only six digits in length, I need the first five to be zeros. Example, I receive the invoice numbered (123456) I need it to display as (00000123456) when I enter it into the system. Same for an eight digit invoice (12345678) needs to be (00012345678) when entered. Could someone suggest a way to format the cells where I am doing the data entry to display as needed? Thank you in advance.


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If you just want to display it this way, it can be done very easily using Excel number formats.
just create a new personalized format with 11 "0" :


Hope it helps.


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a basic macro can do it.

Function addZero(cell As Range)
c = cell.Cells(1, 1)
While (Len(c) < 11)
c = "0" & c
addZero = c
End Function

Just add this into a module in VBA.
Then use it as a formula in excel cell like this :

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