Cell values and conditional formatting


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Jul 24, 2017
Hello :)

I am putting together a skills matrix that is to be used by other managers across the organization. There are three parts to this:

1) Identify a skill or competency required (sheet 1)
2) Score current staff skill level for each identified competency (sheet 2)
3) following, the scoring, it will highlight staff that need skills testing or training.

I have put together sheet one which is set out so that each row represents a location or work area, and each column represents a competency or skill required for that work area. The cells are setup as tick box - the issue I am having is that once it is ticked, it doesn't recognized it as a value. How do I get the tick box in the cell to represent a true or false value?

The issue with the tick box then directly impacts the following stages. Ideally what I would like to happen is the following;

- A competency is marked as a requirement for the role by using the tick box in sheet one
- In sheet two, it will highlight cells that need a score based on the value of the tick box is sheet one - this is so managers can clearly see what cells require data.
- once a score is entered, the cell colour will change again based on this information - this is so that we can clearly see who is competent (green), who needs development (red) and who needs skills testing (orange).

I need to know how to get the tick to represent a value.

I am also open to suggestion on an easier way to do this.....thanks in advance.



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Aug 4, 2017
First the tick box.
Did you create that with Form Control?
With de contextmenu you can change the layoutsettings.
There is a option to creat a link with a cell.
The cell cet the value TRUE or FALSE.


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Jul 24, 2017
Thanks for the reply.

I inserted the tick box from the developer tab.

When I link to the cell, it applies to all of the tick boxes in the worksheet. E.g. if I tick one check box it will tick all the others??

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