Change Coulour if gender is female


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would appreciate any assistance here. I have a cell in sheet Fig 2 that has multiple names. this cell brings names based on a macro from Master_Data sheet. I would like to be able to know who is male and who is female. In Master_Data I have a column which specifies female or male, Column D. Names is Column B.

would appreciate any help if there is a conditional formatting that has if cell A2 contains a name that is female in column D then change to blue.



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Create a new rule using a formula to determine which cells to format. Then add a VLOOKUP (or any other lookup formula) as the rule.

If you want to format several columns at the same time use a fixed reference for the lookup value. Also remember to use exact match with your names.


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Hi Misca,

thank you for your reply, In cell B2 Sheet Fig 2 I have multiple names. unfortunately its not working. potentially because i have multiple names in 1 cell.

Appreciate your help.


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You do need to have each name in a cell ...

If your constraint is to keep your current sheet as it is ....

Then you can replicate on a new tab you current sheet ... and generate clean cells ...

Hope this will help


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As long as A2 only has one name try


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If every name in the row are the same gender you can lookup just the first name and colorcode the row based on that only. To be able to do this within the lookup formula you'd have to know the delimiter. And make sure all the rows with multiple names are constructed the same way. I can't actually recommend this way but it can be done if you really must.

The recommended way would be to have only one person per row and if you must group them, have a different column for the group they belong in. If a person can belong in several groups, there should be a row for that person in each group he/she belongs in.

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