Change the name of a Cell to Text label using another cell and it uses anther value cell for calculations


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Jun 13, 2019
Hello I am using Microsoft Excel 2013.
I am working on an estimating bill of quantities for Civil Engineering.
In the Excel sheet 1 is the summary sheet 2 is the Office over heads and other costs sheet 3 is earth works sheet 4 concrete. In sheet 5 I want to build up the rates to use in each of the sheets.

What I would like to do is in sheet 5 calculate the labour cost and material cost, together they would give me the total cost. I can then use this in any sheet for cost calculations. For example:

In sheet 5: cell B5 is labourer cost of $15/hr B5=15
In sheet 5: cell D5 is supervisor cost of $25/hr D5=25
In sheet 5: Now I want L5=(B5*4)+D5 which = 85
In sheet 5: G5=”Team A”,
In sheet 5: I would like H5=L5 therefore H5=85, but the cell H5 must take the text label of G5
In sheet 5: When I take G5 to a calculation in sheet 3 for example, the formula would look like this:
Sheet 3 D4=”Team A”*2 Therefore D4=85*2=170 therefore D4=170

If I can get the formula in sheet 3 to show the new label in the formula it would be easy for me when I come back to the estimate in a few weeks’ time to understand my thinking.
Other calculations may look like the following:

In sheet 3: E4=”Team A”+”Team B”

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