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Feb 29, 2016
I have 4 columns Data with the following data

Category, Description, Start Date, Duration (in days)
ABC ABC - Test1 3/1/2016 80
DEF DEF - Test2 1/1/2014 1117
GHI GHI - Test3 2/5/2015 500
JKL JKL - Test4 8/1/2020 400

I have put this data into a Stacked Bar chart, so it looks like a gantt chart. What I am trying to do is I want the bars for ABC - Test1 to show up as Green if Category equals ABC for that description. Then a different color for the next one and so on. I can't seem to figure out how to have the bar colors change automatically. I will take any help I can get, thank you in advance.

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May 24, 2005
Option Explicit

Sub ChangeDataPointColor()

    Dim ser As Series
    Dim pt As Point
    Dim sTriggerSeries
    Dim sTriggerCategory
    Dim bShowingValue As Boolean
    Dim bShowingCatName As Boolean
    Dim bShowingSeriesName As Boolean
    sTriggerSeries = "ABC - Test1"
    sTriggerCategory = "ABC"
    For Each ser In ActiveChart.SeriesCollection
        If ser.Name = sTriggerSeries Then
            'Save Data Label Config
            If ser.HasDataLabels Then
                bShowingValue = ser.DataLabels.ShowValue
                bShowingCatName = ser.DataLabels.ShowCategoryName
                bShowingSeriesName = ser.ShowSeriesName
            End If
            'Set Data Labels as required
            ser.DataLabels.ShowValue = False
            ser.DataLabels.ShowCategoryName = True
            ser.ShowSeriesName = False
            'Check Point Category names
            For Each pt In ser.Points
                If pt.DataLabel.Text = sTriggerCategory Then
                    pt.Format.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = rgbGreen
                End If
            'Restore Data Labed Config
            ser.DataLabels.ShowValue = bShowingValue
            ser.DataLabels.ShowCategoryName = bShowingCatName
            ser.ShowSeriesName = bShowingSeriesName
        End If
End Sub

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