Chart Help: Line graph to only use certain rows if specified name appears in row and ignore rest of data, line graph to Update automatically with any


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Feb 24, 2015
Hi everyone,

I have a spreadsheet in which I have created a line graph from containing 9 columns and a few hundred rows so far of data. Example below - (please note managers can have multiple scores on any one day and different managers can be audited on the same date)

Date; Area; Event; Employee; Manager; Sc1; Sc2; Sc3; Score %;
08/04; East; Heat ; Sam white; Jon Marr; 9; 3; 2; 78%
22/05; Nrth; Batch; Ben Palm; Nate Gun; 10; 0; 2; 44%
02/06; East; Clean; Jason Ro; Jon Marr; 7; 3; 4; 80%
02/06; Nrth; Trailer; Adam Vin; Tom Clark; 5; 6; 8; 62%
19/07; East; Meet; Liam Sims; Jon Marr; 9; 3; 7; 73%
07/09; West; Heat ; Ty Major; Tom Clark; 9; 7; 1; 34%

The spread sheet details the performance of 20 different managers based around a variety of dates where they have been audited.

I have created a line graph for the total performance scores % in relation to the dates managers have been audited in the company. I will be updating this spreadsheet regularly and require that when new data is input into the spreadsheet for the line graph to update automatically without having to manually select the chart area each time new data is entered.

I am also needing to create a number of line graphs based on each individual managers score using the same spread sheet as previously mentioned so managers and head office can see how each manager performed individually rather than as a whole company. I would need this line chart to only grab the data that corresponds to the manager and disregard all other data whilst updating the chart. automatically as new data is entered.

My individual managers line graph needs to represent the DATE and SCORE %. It can only recognise the data rows of 1 manager eg. Jon Marr and disregard all other rows in the spreadsheet of other managers scores and data. I will be creating an individual graph for each manager.

I hope someone is able to give me some instructions, formulas, or whatever I need to make it work that would be great!

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Feb 24, 2015
Hello and welcome to The Board.
You need to create the chart as a "dynamic" chart. Have a look at the following:
You searched for dynamic chart - Peltier Tech Blog
Note that hiding rows and/or using a formula to create an "error" value (e.g. #N/A) in a cell, is a way to get a chart to ignore data.

Hi Derek,

Thank you for your response, I am still having Issues as I am needing to display numerous charts at once so they can be compared against one another as individual charts rather than a comparrison in the same chart.

I am struggeling creating my chart as I am trying to create a chart that looks at an individual Manager's ongoing Scores and what Dates they occured on whilst disregarding any other managers data (for this chart as they will appear on a seperate chart within the spreadsheet).

My X Value (Date) and Y Values (Score) I am not sure how I can get the chart to recognise another Value of Manager so I can get it to disregard all the other managers scores. I have created

It works perfectly when I filter the data on excel, but it also changes every other chart in the spreadsheet to the filtering I have selected rather than just that specific chart.

Is there a formula I can use that when inputing the Series Values into the chart where I can create a rule that only picks up a rows data if data from a different column to X (Date) and Y (Score) has a specific Value e.g. Tom Clark (A specific Managers name).

Any further help would be great.

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