Chart Range Issue


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Dec 27, 2005
I am a new member of your group. I have got a lot of help thru your discussions & topics.
I have come across a problem with a Chart range issue. If possible please help me out.
I have data on My 20 team members daily performance from 1st jan 2005 till 31st dec 2005. I want to plot a graph of each team member against the days on a daily basis as if it were a single range. Now such a large data of almost 350 days is spread over many cells in a row & hece i had to use a row in a different sheet or a different row in same sheet to enter the entire data in the same sheet. But when I am trying to plot the same data in the graph it is not accepting he data in different rows as a same data series & is plotting the two different charts for data in two different rows without any continuity of the dates. Could you please help me with a solution for this?
A solution has come to my mind to change the data in columns to rows & vice versa but the data for 20 team memebers, for 365 days of the year & that too for 9 different parameters is very large & hence plotting it again in excelsheet data table is a very tedious job. Is there a solution if I want to interpolate the data in rows & columns?

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