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Jan 25, 2009
Did an experiment with my son about cookies burning using different baking sheets. Results:

Amount baked for all: 5
amount burnt:
Steel (non-stick): 5
Disposable aluminum: 0

This is what I need shown on the chart and set up in cells. Here's my problem (due to my lack of chart set-up knowledge :( - I have other data that is common for all: Time baked, cool time, rack position, temp baked, brand, etc....Where do I put this without skewing the data and make the chart look crappy?


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Nov 4, 2004
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I don't think you really want to chart that information - maybe just record it in a text box somewhere? I'd be hesitant about putting too much extra information on a chart, as it tends to distract from the actual message that you're trying to convey by using a chart.

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