Clipboard History issue in VB Editor


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May 12, 2018
If I use Clipboard History in the VB Editor, the text content of the clipboard is hidden unless the Copy was done in Notepad or equivalent.

Copies done in VBE paste OK, but you're pasting blind, which is useless

My problem is that I work in VBE most of the time, and I've never been able to touch type.
(My excuse is, at 80+, it's a bit late now)

It takes me ages, even with Intellisense.
So I use Cut and Paste all the time to avoid typing errors.

I'm looking for a customised Clipboard history always showing the text content
Is there one?
Is this even feasible? If not, could anybody please tell me why not?


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Jan 5, 2014
There are a bunch of free Clipboard managers for Windows available—too many to choose one to recommend.

Have you tried the built-in Office Clipboard manager? It shows the clipboard history and allows you to select for pasting any of the items shown. Items copied in the VB Editor show up in the pane.

On the Excel ribbon in Office 365, under 'Home', next to the word 'Clipboard' is a small downward pointing arrow. Click that tiny arrow.

That should open up the Clipboard pane in the Excel window. In the Clipboard pane, near the top-right corner, is a small downward pointing arrow. Click that arrow, select 'Move', and you can detach the Clipboard pane to its own floating window. Unfortunately, it's still linked to the main Excel window view: you can't show the Clipboard history window alone.

If you click the 'Options' button in the Clipboard pane, you can select 'Show Office Clipboard Icon on Taskbar'. That's the way I prefer to use the manager (when I remember it's available). If I'm working in the VBE, I just swing down to the taskbar, double-click the clipboard icon and there's the history pane.

Usage is simple. Highlight the item you want to paste, switch back to the editor and paste.

I also, can't touch type. But I can read and write cursive, which may no longer be taught in some schools.


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May 12, 2018
You describe exactly what I want to do, but can't do in practice within the VB Editor

Unfortunately I can't paste an image

My Office clipboard does not show the text contents of clips copied from the VBE editor
They are there and can be pasted, but you can't see the text before you paste

NB I'm using Excel 2007 and that may be the issue
(just failed to install a forum tool because it doesn't work of 2007)

If I copy from Chrome, I see the text before I paste
If I copy from Excel cells, I see the text before I paste
BUT If I copy from the VBE the office clipboard window just has 3 dots, and nowt else :devilish:

I tried to describe this in my OP



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Aug 22, 2018
In Excel 2010, when I clip a bunch of VBA code, it shows up in the Office Clipboard, but yes, I can't paste it into a code window. I tried also with Word and Access -- same thing.

I'd suggest maintaining your own spreadsheet of your favorite code snippets, which you could place either in cells on many tabs or code modules in its VBA project. Then, whenever you're working on a project open that snippet spreadsheet first, and you can then copy-and-paste to your heart's content.

At a former job of mine we took this very seriously by maintaining a global code repository of thousands of lines in hundreds of procedures, and we got to the point where just about any new project took about half the time, since we could re-use tried-and-true code to implement 60-75% of the requirements. We had separate modules, for example, for database-related stuff, system utilities, array- and collection-handling, and many others, so we could just open the repository and click-and-drag whole modules into a new project.

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