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Could someone please help me out with this, im pretty green with coding, and the orange part is getting an error, thanks

Sub Empl_Load()
Dim EmpRow As Long
Dim EmpCol As Long
With Sheet1
If .Range("B5").Value = Empty Then
MsgBox "Please enter a valid Employee from the drop down list"
Exit Sub
End If
.Range("B1").Value = True 'Set Employee Load To True
EmpRow = .Range("B5").Value
For EmpCol = 1 To 28
.Range(Sheet2.Cells(1, EmpCol).Value).Value = Sheet2.Cells(EmpRow, EmpCol).Value
Next EmpCol
.Shapes("Group 67").Visible = msoFalse
.Shapes("Group 66").Visible = msoCTrue
.Range("B1").Value = False 'Set Employee Load To False
.Range("B6").Value = False 'Set New Employee To False
End With
End Sub


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.Range(Sheet2.Cells(1, EmpCol).Value)
This part is wrong unless you have a range address in Sheet2.Cells(1, EmpCol), on what sheet do you want
Sheet2.Cells(EmpRow, EmpCol).Value
placed? and what is in
Sheet2.Cells(1, EmpCol).Value

There might be more questions depending what your answers to the 2 questions are.

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