Code for Sub-Total command with rows changing in Macro


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Dec 18, 2013
Dear Sir,

I am trying to have a code (to be written for macro) for performing Sub-Totals in the column I excel sheet as a part of automation. The rows will be dynamic and No. of rows for each sub-total changes every time. The sub-total shall be based on certain criteria which will be in other columns. Manually we are filtering for blanks on B column and E column and inserting sub-total formula in I column for sum operation. The total no. of rows may be upto 5000 Lines or more and may be even as less as 100 rows. No. of sub-totals may also vary depending on the rows. Once the macro is run, it shall all perform all the sub-totals based on above explained criteria.

Can any one help.

Pls. see below small example.

Slno.SubItem Description UOMGross Qty Changes in PricesFinal Amount
BU111811947502HV00000Main Item:BU111811947502HV00000 INSULATION ON HV COIL
BU111811947502HV00000 107140400100P.B. GRADE-KPC:1x2000x3000mm kg 10.6337185.001851967.23
BU111811947502HV00000 107140000150P.B. 1.50 mm GRADE-KPC (IB-56 kg 24.2116.70116.72824.14
BU111811947502HV00000 107140400200P.B. GRADE-KPC:2x2000x3000mm kg 6.6185.001851221.00
BU111811947502HV00000 107140000300P.B. 3.00 mm GRADE-KPC (IB-56 kg 9.9116.70116.71155.33
BU111811947502HV00000 107140000400P.B. 4.00 mm GRADE-KPC (IB-56 kg 2.9334122.84122.84360.34
BU111811947502HV00000 107140000500P.B. 5.00 mm GRADE-KPC (IB-56 kg 2.5663122.84122.84315.24
BU111811947502HV00000 107140000600P.B. 6.00 mm GRADE-KPC(IB-56) kg 5.5122.84122.84675.62
BU111811947502HV00000 107100000080P.B 0.80 mm GRADE-3 kg 0.7337220.42220.42161.72
BU111811947502HV00000 BU1118119207140400150P.B.GRADE-KPC:1.5X2000X3000mm kg 1.65116.70116.7192.56
BU111811947502HV00000 107140400300P.B. GRADE-KPC:3x2000x3000mm kg 22185.001854070.00
BU111811947502HV00000 BU1118119207020100001HV IND RING : 709/581 , 35thknos12323.832323.83292323.83
BU111811947502HV00000 BU1118119207020100002HV IND.RING 2:709/581;35THK Nos12323.832323.83292323.83
BU111811947502HV00000 17590.85
BU111811947504CA00000Main Item:BU111811947504CA00000 INSULATION AT CORE ASSEMBLY
BU111811947504CA00000 107140000400P.B. 4.00 mm GRADE-KPC (IB-56 kg 15.18122.84122.841864.71

Thanks in advance.


D Sampath Kumar


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