Code to move data from one spreadsheet to another

Hi, I'm trying to move data from one spreadsheet to another (instead of using a copy and paste code which uses too much memory). I'm trying to reduce a 70MB file down to something more manageable and think removing the copy and paste function will help a lot.

In workbook "Book1" I'm trying to move data from sheetx to sheety in workbook "Book2" however I'm getting the nasty debug error (runtime error 9)

Sheets("Sheetx").Range("B10:AX5000").Copy Destination:=Windows("Book2.xlsx").Activate.Sheets("Sheety").Range("A2:AX5000")

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Thanks for this, but I'm still getting the run time error. I'm assuming that it could be that the macro is saved in "Book2" rather than "Book1", apologies for not mentioning that. I need to pull the data into book2 rather than push it from book1 (as I will be replicating the code several times for several different sheets). Will that make a difference to the code?


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Sheets("Sheetx").Range("B10:AX5000").Copy Destination:=Windows("Book2.xlsx").Activate.Sheets("Sheety").Range("A2:AX5000")
If your macro is in Book2, then the extension cannot be xlsx since this type of file prohibits macros. I would presume that it is xlsm. I suggest changing the extension and seeing if that solves your problem


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That error signifies that one of the workbook names (including extension) or sheet names is wrong.
Perfect, it works. I'll replicate it for the other tabs and hopefully it will reduce the memory size of the file. Thanks very much for your help :)

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