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Oct 10, 2014
I am new to excel, using excel 2010.

I am working on a program to be used for scheduling staff at work. I have compiled data into my Master list. This list has 2 weeks of dates and each day has 4 unique shifts (eg B3 - B100 lists all the staff available for a 7-19 shift, C3 - C100 lists all staff available for a 9-17 shift, D3 - D100 lists all staff available for 11-23 shift and E3 - E100 lists all staff available for 19-07 shift). On a seperate sheet (Sheet 1) I am looking to create the following if possible. I would like to use 2 drop down boxes, the first indicating the date and the second indicating the shift. Based on the results of the drop down boxes I would like to have a command button that would list those staff available from my Master list without blanks. For example if the first drop down box has January 1st, 2015 selected and the second box has 07-19 selected then when the command button is clicked, a list of employees will be copied from the Master list to the new sheet without blanks.

Am I a dreamer thinking this is possible?


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If A2:A50000 contain data. Enter a formula in B2. Select B2. Double-click the Fill Handle and Excel will shoot the formula down to B50000.

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