Combining data from same looking tables but store data.


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Mar 30, 2018

This is my first real dab into PowerPivot, PowerQuery and data moddeling so go easy on me:)

So this is the setting, I need to combine staff data into one big pivot table that can be easily worked with. I have an employee workbook template that will be copied and used for everyone and in there I have a table with all data. What will happen is that the table will be updated with new data (like different working hours etc) when it is needed and the update I guess will be taken care of by the refresh of the pivot table. What I would like is to be able to store data, the data is in a calendar form so I would like to store previous years inside the data model if that is even possible?

In short can I update a table annualy with a new start date but keep the previous data inside the data model?

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