Combo Box Take From One Row Source Or Add To Another


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Jul 23, 2010
I've developed a user form that's been operational for a while now but needs a change. One of the fields is a text box where users manually type the facility where a particular piece of inventory comes from. I'd like to change that input field to a combo box where users can select from a list of facilities. I have a workbook with two spreadsheets, "sheet1" where all of the userform data is entered into, and "sheet2" as row source information for other combo boxes. What I'd like to do is take all the facilities that have already been entered and add them as a rowsource for the combobox. Then what I'm looking for is a way for the user to type the facilities name into the combo box and if the facility already exists in the facility column of sheet 2 simply select that facility and enter it as data in the appropriate sheet1 column, if it doesn't exist I want the user to be able to enter that facility and have it store in the list on sheet2 as well as the column in sheet1. Kind of confusing, I'd appreciate any help.


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