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I have a combo box on a form. It is based off a query

SELECT [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] FROM qry_vluVendorAddress ORDER BY [VendorName];

How do I get the Combo Box to not show Duplicates?

Not the query I listed above was created just for the Combo box list (based on two tables). So I can do what ever is needed to get a list that only has unique records



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Re: Access: Combo Box with only unique values

One way is to group the records via an Aggregate Query.
You do this by grouping by all the fields in your Select clausei.e.
[COLOR=#333333]SELECT [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] 
FROM qry_vluVendorAddress 
[/COLOR][COLOR=#ff0000]GROUP BY [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[VendorID], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CityName], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[MailState], [qry_vluVendorAddress].[CountryCode] [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]
ORDER BY [VendorName];[/COLOR]
Another alternative can be found here:
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